Welcome to my site, Chasing Elva.  I hope you enjoy reading and finding out about Elva Blacker as much as I enjoy chasing and writing about her life.

Elva died when I was very young and although my only real memory of ‘her’ centers around my family clearing her house, my whole life has been seasoned with her story.

As an ever present absence, my curiosity surrounding Elva has grown stronger year on year, and at the grand old age of forty, I have developed an almost obsessive urge to tell the world about her and my findings.

The scope of her story is endless, and while a biography was my initial aim, the more I have discovered, the more overwhelmed I have become.

This site is Elva’s biography in “bite sized nuggets” and over time, I hope to bring her character and art into the present; my father after all, always maintained that she was ‘born before her time’.

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