Chasing Elva - the travelling Artist

My favorite Elva quote’s

My favorite Elva quote’s around which I am building her story.


“You talk as if I do nothing all my life but please myself, which I feel you rather conjure up in your own mind.”


“I wish now I had let the whole place to wrack and ruin and then you’d have something to complain about.”


“As a child I would often sooner have been playing tennis, than going with the family to such plays as The Monkey Puzzle”.


“Success come to the successful and the latter work less”.


“Ours certainly is a strange family”.


“I could have been a weak, lazy, helpless woman and much happier, thinking only of my painting, instead of not touching a brush for months.”


“Actually, I always thought that I have done the best thing that circumstance has let me”.


“It was always dinned into me what clever brothers you both were”.